Menace II Sobriety

by Cross Examination

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released August 12, 2008

Daniel: Vocals
Leon: Guitar
Justin: Guitar
Ray: Bass
Ryan: Drums



all rights reserved


Cross Examination St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Maximum Overchill
It's three in the afternoon and
you've got some time you can kill
before the party tonight
so you decide to just chill
your couch cushions spend some
quality time with your ass
while you turn on your tv, sit back,
smoke and relax to the

max - your body temperature falls
maximum - heart rate slows to a crawl
maximum overchill
max - your blood begins to freeze
maximum - brings you to your knees
maximum overchill

get up, lets leave this place
your party potential has gone to waste
the wimpiness shown here
should be a crime
when you chill this hard
it just wastes my time

your friends are worried
haven't seen you for days
while you've been couch-slouched
smoked out in a videogame haze
the screen keeps on flashing "game over"
you're through
but its not just the game
its referring to you

what happened, you see, is inactivity
caused your very particle atoms to freeze
you're a block of ice, devoid of all life
frozen to your couch
dead by your own design
Track Name: Unlimited Chainsaw
He stepped into the woods
amongst the plants and the trees
and a chill that could make
even an eskimo freeze
he lowered his eyes as he lifted his axe
and prepared himself to
kick deciduous ass

flapjacks by the stack
he begins his attack
family killed by trees so
now he's fighting back
a madman, he's pissed
douglas fir's on his list
throws away his axe
punch it down with his fists

the massacre has begun
they're stationary
cannot run
unlimited chainsaw
unlimited chainsaw
bodies fall onto the grass
their numbers are decreasing fast
unlimited chainsaw
unlimited chainsaw

sap covers his flannel shirt while
trees he slaughtered lose
their lives in the dirt
splinters flying through the air
he maims his victims
showing no remorse or care
death is everywhere

self-sacrificing sapling rubs
branches together
to make heat
a tiny spark falls to the ground
igniting at his feet

the fire spread so far and fast
there just was no time to react
flames danced in the madman's eyes
he smiled as he burned alive
Track Name: Arson Party Squad
I'm drunk - so what,
watch me light this shit ablaze
burning down half of this town
I'm in an alcoholic haze
total and complete destruction
is my one desire
so let's get fucking shit-faced and
start some fucking fires

cause arson and booze go hand in hand
I bet if i drank gas i could
get fucked up pretty fast
burning down all of your shit

my B.A.C.'s so high man
check this out its pretty cool
I'm using my blood as incendiary fuel
I know I need that stuff to live and yeah,
I'm feeling sicker
but without it in my veins there's
so much more room for the liquor

Arson and booze go hand in hand
when your burns are third-degree
it helps if you're too drunk to see
burning down shit across the land
too drunk to know you're on fire
is that what that heat was? goddamn
I must be pretty buzzed
burning down all your shit

when police arrived the fire had consumed
four city blocks
and I was passed out in a drunken stupor
undressed down to my socks

I awakened in a holding cell;
police were all around
swiped a lighter from a guard and
burned the station to the fucking ground

arson party squad unite!
Track Name: Collateral Jam-age
Let's me just say one thing if I can about
the mess and all the damage man
hadn't anticipated the night
ending this way
we put on a killer show;
the awesome party squad was go
just nevermind the fact you'll be picking
beercans for the next 3 days

kids going crazy, hanging from the ceiling
with domes on roam they're just
destroying everything
then it was over, fast as it had begun
if nothing else man just admit you had fun

glass smashed out
thin beer coating on everything we
thrashed this house
now the party is through
there's kids passed out
did our duty successfully we partied down
yeah it's just what we do

and might I add that the blame for what
went down don't fall solely on us
you packed your own house with people;
we just made em all go nuts
I'll remind you of our motto,
its been previously stated
not to be held responsible
for acts while intoxicated

so if you bring the beer
we'll bring the motherfucking ruckus
cross exam ain't nothing to fuck with
straight from the mother land
where anheuser busch is
cross exam ain't nothing to fuck with
Track Name: Thrashin' for the Cash In (Royality Check)
Don't worry guys
I'm sure this is the right thing to do
we'll just follow the formula and
our working days are through
heard thrash metal was back, still kicking,
going through its second wave
had an idea; we'll ride this trend and
get ourselves fat fucking paid

made in the shade - big money
we'll start a band, get us some fans
live off the royalties
it'll be so fucking easy - here's the plan
we'll rip off every single thing from
every single band we can

find some good riffs to steal with
commercial appeal
we'll sign a record deal then roll around
in our thrash money

take through notes on songs
exodus wrote
buy matching leather coats white hi-top
sneakers prove we're the real deal
lets all quit our jobs
won't need 'em any more

we'll be superstars soon
our foot is in the fucking door

we'll buy expensive cars;
pay for houses with cash
see the money ain't an object because
now we're paid to fucking thrash

don't get me wrong,
we'll still hit the beer bong
but now we'll load it up
with dom and cristal
denim vests by gucci
just you wait and you'll see
as soon as the checks roll in
we'll have it all

my bank account is empty
so fucking hungry
things just aren't going how i would expect

my kitchen pantry's bare
nothing to eat there
somebody tell me where the fuck's my check?
Track Name: Raid Your Fridge
The beers have all been vanquished
the party's almost cashed
that's why i'm rummaging
through your crib
looking for your stash
this feeling came upon me
we all know what it is
affliction called "the munchies"
that's why I'm about to

raid your fridge
there's pudding cups behind those
apples there
raid your fridge
watch out you're spilling
kool-aid everywhere
raid your fridge
not sure but i think that this turkey's spoiled
raid your fridge
call dibs on anything that's wrapped in foil

everyone came to join me
a kitchen full of dudes
ransacking through your pantry and
devouring your food
man I'm so fucking happy;
excited like a kid
just found creamsicles in your freezer
boy I love to

raid your fridge
this steak is tough, I think i've had enough
raid your fridge
yo let me get some of that purple stuff
raid your fridge
cook mashed potatoes;
raid your fridge
must have ate 2 dozen
oatmeal cream pies

to appease the beast
illegitimate feast
it's feeding time
that chocolate milk is mine
Track Name: Menace to Sobriety
It's getting late and
the beer's almost through
they don't sell again til 6am man,
tell me what the fuck should we do
cause this party is totally rad;
don't want it to stop
our host is chill, the jams are fresh,
no visits from the cops

just dudes kicking ass as
far as the eye can see
its out of control - a menace to sobriety
this place is packed with people,
house is bursting at the seams
party overload - a menace to sobriety

but we have to find a way to
get more beer

east side's too far to drive
fuck it we're staying up
we'll be ragin' the gas station
til we can refill our cups
I don't understand this law
thought prohibition was replaced
but I guess we'll play along;
wait patiently but still be

keeping it real - and fully legit
just saw a kickass parking lot circle pit

we're still in need of beer
but its almost six o'clock
we're rocking the raddest fucking party
on the block
you're up early
your tie matches your shirt
you wait in line for coffee before
your commute to work

take one look at our party
throw your briefcase away
replace it with a 40
you're calling in sick today
Track Name: Blackout
It was three in the morning or so
when I left the bar
and stumbled drunk across the parking lot
in search of my car
I was fumbling with my keys when
everything started to go black
and I felt this sickly cold grow up the small
of my back

I can't remember it,
don't know just what I did
like some demon possessed,
I can't believe they're dead

shaking off the dizziness I unlocked the door
and leaned my weight against its frame
until my footing was sure
I just thought I'd sleep it off in my car for the night
and when I woke up in the morning
everything would be all right

I came to in a daze
dropped to the ground with a thud
and looking down upon myself saw
I was covered in blood

and it all came back!

awake I stepped out of the car;
walked back into the place
whereupon I leaned across the bar and
grabbed its tender by his face
"you watered down my drinks all night,
my bill was way to high"
"I know you tried to cheat me, stupid fuck
and now you're gonna die"

then they laughed like it was a joke but
they can't laugh without a throat
the other patrons screamed in fear but
the only voice that I could hear said

kill them all x a bunch
Track Name: Operation Devastation
I want to annihilate everything that I see
its not catharsis; there's no pent up rage
built up inside of me
I get a high from the mere act of
undoing what's been done
obliterate even my own possessions
just for fucking fun

I find myself jealous of earthquakes
over the fact there's just so much
they get to fucking break
how'd I get this way? I don't fucking know
check the family tree; I think I might be
part tornado

if you build it I will smash it
buy a car just to fucking crash it
wish I could go pro at making things explode
cause I have a gift as I have oftentimes shown

I'm at it again; it's an obsession
no way to defend yourself or your possessions
it's a destructive force that must run its course
and I am the source, levelling all I see its time for

operation devastation
operation devastation