Super Party Brothers Split w/ Spring Break

by Cross Examination

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released August 1, 2007

Daniel: Vocals
Leon: Guitar
Justin: Guitar
Ray: Bass
Ryan: Drums



all rights reserved


Cross Examination St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Kegwreckers
we came here to drink the beer
i understand you're hosting a party this weekend
and i was wondering if you'd be kind enough to invite me and my friends
we'll play it cool; we'll be real nice, won't give you any crap
oh and am i correct to assume that the beer will be on tap?
we're drinking all your beer
no false pretense; let's make this clear
we'll camp by the keg 'til the end
there won't be anything left for you or your friends
i guess you probably thought 4 kegs would be enough
but man you underestimated; we're still here and hanging tough
we've got some staying power that you never could concieve
like homer jay at a buffet you just cannot get us to leave
take a hint, think twice
take a piece of this advice
you let us in; you fucked up
now close your mouth, give me a cup -- and fill it
and we're raiding your fridge too!
Track Name: Blackout
It was three in the morning or so
when I left the bar
and stumbled drunk across the parking lot
in search of my car
I was fumbling with my keys when
everything started to go black
and I felt this sickly cold grow up the small
of my back

I can't remember it,
don't know just what I did
like some demon possessed,
I can't believe they're dead

shaking off the dizziness I unlocked the door
and leaned my weight against its frame
my footing was sure
I just thought I'd sleep it off in my car for the night
and when I woke up in the morning
everything would be all right

I came to in a daze
dropped to the ground with a thud
and looking down upon myself saw
I was covered in blood

and it all came back!

awake I stepped out of the car;
walked back into the place
whereupon I leaned across the bar and
grabbed its tender by his face
"you watered down my drinks all night,
my bill was way to high"
"I know you tried to cheat me, stupid fuck
and now you're gonna die"

then they laughed like it was a joke but
they can't laugh without a throat
the other patrons screamed in fear but
the only voice that I could hear said

kill them all x a bunch
Track Name: Subterranean Thrash Assault
You booked us a show and said everything was a go
But now the venue flaked; you're totally screwed
Two days from the date set you're clearing a spot in your basement
The show must go on, man; what else could you do?

Your laundry room once held all your hangers
But now it's filled with punks and headbangers
And your roommate's getting pissed off defending his stuff
From all the kids here rowdy and full of beer

Tonight's the night for subterranean thrash assault
If your neighbors call the cops it's not our fault
You shouldn't move next door to people that suck ass
We just came to have some fun and play some thrash, have a blast
Before we leave we'll siphon their cars of all the gas

We're doing dives off the washing machine
And I saw some drunk with his head in the dryer
So I doubt your clothes are still clean

Yeah basement shows are the best around
And the underground scene's always better
When its under the ground

Your lawn will get fucking tortured
By drunken thrashers puking off your porch
And on your floor beer will get fucking spilled
So don't forget to get the keg refilled
Track Name: The Bluntacolypse
It came from on high
Its smoke filled the sky
Citizens were fried
Bluntacolypse nigh

50 stories tall
Smashing though the walls
As buildings did fall
They sent out the call

The military, army, air force and marines
They all came through in full attack but could do nothing at the scene
This monstrous creature smashing, smoking, stomping through the streets
Had this effect that made them want to play video games and eat

It was a blunt
400 foot blunt
And their united front
Could do nothing at all; the enemy was too powerful
The smoke
Filled the air and made them choke
'Til their resolve was broke
Like laughing gas it swiftly knocked them on their ass

Get me the Awesome Party Squad
The mayor shouted into the red phone's receiver
Get me the Awesome Party Squad
They are the ones that we need to be here
Get me the Awesome Party Squad
This is essential to our very survival
Get me the Awesome Party Squad go!

At A.P.S. HQ the crew was being fly
When shining bright outside our window came the signal in the sky
We finished off our beers and ran out quickly to the van
Ready to aid and serve the public like only our squadron can

We saw a blunt
400 foot blunt
Standing right out front
Of city hall; the police could do nothing at all
Could not believe our eyes
Impressed by its size
Hurried and scanned the scene as we devised a plan

We split into four groups; divide and conquer with our troops
Knowing that if we did we'd get it surrounded
Scaling up the building was key, we knew, and just the thing
Get up to its level and send it back to hell

Repelling down from on our ropes from up high was our only hope
To get into a position from which we could attack and win
We climbed up on the monster's back and swiftly began our attack
Were well into the fight and then it happened: a moment of Zen!