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released June 1, 2004

Daniel: Vocals
Leon: Guitar
Ray: Bass
Ryan: Drums



all rights reserved


Cross Examination St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: Barnraiser Intro / Barefoot Toothless and Pissed
the day began in the same way
as it had any other day
young murphy stopped for a bite to eat
at the coffee shop near his job on wall street

as he stepped into the morning sun
he had no idea of what had begun
they chose today to settle the score
from centuries ago -- the civil war

the conflict was finally taken back to the streets

the rebel flag waved overhead as they rolled over the dead
and union ass was beaten to a pulp
from monster trucks and their dirtbikes they waged gunfights
those yankee fucks

they should've seen this coming for years
for along with the "calvin pissing" stickers and "no fears" was another bumper warning that very clearly read: "the south shall rise again"

as it turns out all the rusted bikes and car parts in their yards
were the materials they'd been using to build their supply of arms
the first place to attack was commerce central for the north
for it's destruction would cause financial ruin and chaos to spread forth
and as the ghost of general lee watched on

the rebels fought the battle until every northerner was gone
the bankers - dead
the lawyers - dead
the loaners - dead
stockbrokers - dead

and as murphy gasped his final breath he wondered why they hadn't listened....
Track Name: Bring Me the Head of Beatle Bob
what the fuck am i supposed to do
when i see your ass on channel 2
jump up from bed my eyes see red its a rude awakening
that even when i try to fucking sleep there's no escap(en)ing (i make up words)
i know that fucking asshat tim ezell told you you're cool
but even you have to know you're a motherfucking tool

fraudulent fucker
lying your way into the shows
you stupid piece of shit
too pathetic for words
you will suffer
if you try to steal our shit
you're gonna get hit
too pathetic for words

it's hard for me to see how anyone can take you serious when that mop you got up top makes your head look just like a penis
i've seen your bullshit all before; i know what you're about, so no you can't get in for free, now get the fuck out
Track Name: Omen of Prophecy
they say the trouble started with the setting of the sun
when the city of st louis was attacked by a dragon
he perched atop the arch and from this vantage point could see
the victims he would soon fucking devour on the streets

and then the hellspawn struck!

the beast flew over south grand and started flaming up the bars....
and thrashing patrons with his claws as they ran for their cars
the puny pathetic mortals knew they didnt stand a chance
and as he melted off their faces they could only piss their pants

sir odinkarr raised his voice to the night sky
he knew the day of prophecy was now nigh
he said "before you in my armor i now stand"
"and the time of reckoning is now at hand"

the dragon narrowed his mighty eyes as slowly he stepped forward
while sir odinkarr reached to his back and drew out his broadsword
the battle that took place was fortold centuries in the past
and each of these awesome warriors knew that it could be their last

the combat commenced
odinkarr lunged and swung for the monster's head
but a single fiery blast could soon find him dead
a conflict set forth as the gods had willed

the steel of a man versus beast
raged on until one was deceased
this ancient prophecy has been fulfilled
Track Name: MC Clitty for President '04
come now and hear the tune
about a most excellent dude
king of the party, plain and simple
stabbed a ballpoint pen right through his nipple

an eggroll chef that inspires
he's a master artist with a deep-fryer
a caring man who's never rude
he's just a fucking righteous dude

he'll mosh his house to his favorite song
while terrorizing the beer bong
he'll never consider himself "too old"
no playplace too high, no creek too fucking cold

dj horsepower!
Track Name: The Foodening ($3.99 Mark of the Feast)
well it happened in the month of june
the crew'd been partying since noon
the sun had not even yet sunk
but we were fucking drunk

the beast it called from deep inside
we knew there was no way to hide
hunger creature attacking
appease the foodening

jumped in the car and hit the streets
in search of eats on which to feed
the destination this epic day:
the pizza buffet

$3.99 -- all you can eat pizza
$3.99 -- pasta and meats at
$3.99 -- the price denotes the mark of the feast

we climbed across the buffet table
devouring all that we were able
and when your average men would drop
we didn't fucking stop

we cleaned out the entire store
pizza warriors, we righteous four
we razed and pillaged this delicious land
buffet vikings

mark of the feast (x4)

the foodination was strong this day and we annihilated the whole buffet but when we asked the counter girl for more she turned and pointed us to the fucking door

pay heed to the sign
"all you can eat" it says for $3.99
now our demands are clear
if you stand in our way
you'll perish on this day for no one can contain
the fucking foodening